Fibaro dimmer 2 or single/double switch

Hello I have a couple of Fibaro Dimmer 2 installed when we moved! Al these lights are dimmable so it was an obvious choice!

Now I want to make the light in the hallway ‘smart’ with a motion sensor. The light is not dimmable. Does anyone have a suggestion what would be the best option?

And there’s an outlet beneath the switch! Would you connect the neutral wire from that or not? Any suggestions and tips would be welcome!

Dimmer2 can be configured to operate without dimming. I would do that to have a future proof solution.

Yes you can get the neutral from the outlet.

Thanks again for your response and I like the sound of future proof! I’ve checked the parameters of my existing dimmers and saw the setting ‘Disable dim function’.

Check Shelly modules. For 1/3 of Fibaro price, wifi and can be operated with or without Homey (in case Homey is down).

From what I know, you can only (reliably) do that if the outlet and the lights that will be getting switched are on the same breaker (“groep”).


I agree, in all my houses this was the case. Most of the time the buttons are wired through the sockets.

Before you buy multiple dimmers for lights that do not support dimming, make sure to try it with one light first. The dimmers never provide 100% of the power instantly, they always ramp up, also with dimming disabled. It is similar when switching off. I tried to do the same as you plan to do, but with my lights they flickered multiple times before getting stable. It was quite annoying, so I replaced the lights with dimmable ones.

And if you have the option to connect the neutral wire, always do that.

I guess that’s the upsell opportunity :wink:

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I think it’s the same breaker but I will test it just to be sure!

I will read in to that… a quick search shows it’s WiFi and that some people have issues with new WiFi or IP addresses and have to reset them by pulling them out of their socket…

Or are this edge cases?

Thanks for the tip! I will test it with one first!

To minimize issues in the long run, it’s advisable to give all WiFi-based IoT devices a fixed IP address in your home router. If you have a switch connected to your Shelly, you can reset it with the switch (5 times on/off) without having to open up the socket.