What switch without neutral wire?

I’m looking for a stabel switch without neutral line that can be operate both via Homekit and physical switch. any recommendation?

You can use a Fibaro Dimmer 2 for example.

You can use the Dimmer also for non dimmable bulbs.

will it work both by app and switch on the wall?

This is how smart switches works. :grinning:

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Sunricher also has 2-wire switches and dimmers zigbee and zwave)
They work well

In Europe they are sold by Robb Smartt? right?

Many shopps sell them using their own brandname.
Robbshop is indeed one of them

What do you think about Aqara without neutral? It will work with zigbee down, right?

Yes, it works standalone without Homey as well. However I had som connection issues with it after power failure - it didnt want to reconnect to Homey.