Wall switch Zigbee / z-wave

New to Homey…

I am looking for wall switches without neutral that will work with Homey.
I will be needing around 20 of them in my house so I would prefer not to use wifi. So I am left with Z-wave or Zigbee. Do you guys/girls have any recommendations?

I been looking at the Xiaomi Aqara switches. According to some rumors, they will be released for a round wall box next year. Does anyone have any more information about that?

Best regards from Sweden.

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Hi Olle,
Happen to stumble upon your post. Don’t know if you already decided?

I don’t have any zigbee experience, only z-wave. In my setup I use the Fibaro Dimmer, together with a normal switch of ‘puls-switch’. The puls-switches are nicer, so if you can choose I would go with those.

If you plan to use LED-lighting I would advice to add a neutral wire. It prevents that the leds don’t turn complete off because of the small current that runs through your switch.

I’m currently also looking for a complete new setup in my new house. Let me know how your choice turned out! Currently I’m still considering the Fibare Dimmers :slight_smile: