New house - new dimmers. Go Z-wave of Zigbee?

Hi all.
Im a long time reader on the forum, and come from Samung Smartthings and Fibaro Homecenter.

Im going all inn on homey for this new house, and want to know what people think about what type of dimmers works best with Homey system. Should I go Zigbee or Z-wave, and what brand to buy?

Ive read that z-wave will work better if you add them via unsecure app. Less traffic on the band?


My Fibaro’s work flawless

Generally speaking Z-wave is more expensive but frequency and interoperability is much better. With better frequency I mean with less interference. I would go Z-wave.

Zigbee is in the same spectrum like wifi 2.4Ghz hence more interference, less strict standard but on the other hand much cheaper hardware.

Depends on type of installation. If you want to keep original switches and use modules behind them, there is most probably best solution to go with Fibaro zwave dimmers. They do work without single problem for me for more than 4 years. Also Qubino dimmers works, but with little bit less setting options.
Second option is to go with Hue style setup, with smart bulbs. You can use simple Ikea sortiment, but in this case you limit yourself with app control or remote control only. Im not aware that its possible to use original switch to fully control the lights in this setup.

Thansk for your input.
Ill go with the fibaro dimmers / switches.

The great thing about Homey is you’re not tied to a particular technology. I have a mix of Z-wave and Hue for lights, and with Homey they interoperate well. The only thing that’s missing is for Homey to see the Hue switches, but it can see when a Hue light turns on so I have Z-wave controllers switch when they see a Hue light switch on or off. I also have Z-wave switches (I like the Aeotec quad) controlling Hue lights.

Exiting! So you have Z-Wave switchens like fibaro (not dimmers) connected to the main powerswitch, with hue lights? Can you please elaborate a little more how this works? Ive been wanting something like this my self, but I always gets re-directed when I ask.

They are just devices in homey, the brand / communication technology does not matter. With flows you can connect them in any way you want. Like:
WHEN: Switch A got pressed (Z-wave device)
DO: Turn on Light B (Zigbee device)

Yeah, flows are great. But my main concern about hue is the darn main switches. If somone turns them off, the HUE is useless? How have you solved that issue if combining z-wave inside the main switches

I’m not using mains z-wave, but battery switches - Aeotec quads. Some of my lights are wired directly from a fused spur, and are only controlled through Homey or Hue. Those that do come from a main switch have a notice next to the switch ‘Do Not Turn Off’. You could always just remove the switch!

If control of the house needs to be managed by signs/notes next to the switch, than its not a smart house. System needs to be bullet proof, that also guests from outside can control it without intensive training :slight_smile:.

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I have tried a lot of different dimmers . For me there is currently only one real good solution that works flawless , doesn’t blink with leds and has scene control with multiple clicks on the button.

HeatIt Zdim :tada::tada::tada::tada:

Ive heard many complain about the HeatIT Zdim makes a irritating buzzing sound. Ive thought about it, but i hate sounds like that.

I have 12 at the moment spread in 3 of my houses. Non have a buzzing sound. The are silent as a virgin in hell

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A little hijack of the thread:
How does the scene control work on these HeatIt Z-dim?
What can you do with in, in regards to Homey?

you can give commands to double triple quadruple clicks on the dimmer button 2 homey

There a lot of 2.4GHz devices!
Bleutooth and some wireless microphones, old (non wifi) camera’s…

So if you double or tripple press the dimmer, you can act on in using flows in Homey?
That’ll be nice!

yes thats it exactly

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In addition, you are able to control the Z-Dim dimmer with an additional momentary switch; so able to setup (replace an existing) a hotel switch setup.

Alternative, but not featuring the scene triggers and additional momentary switch, are the new kid(s) on the block: the Z-wave or Zigbee rotary dimmers from ROBB smarrt. But also available in Zigbee version.

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