Replacing wallswitches any ideas?

I’ve currently got all my switches installed with shelly products but find them to be unreliable. I got a lot of work maintaining the flows so it is becoming more of a burden.

I have some fibaro and qubino products that just work nicely from the day I installed them and before spending a lot of money to switch to either one of those brands I’m curious there are more reasonable options out there.

It has to be z-wave (preferred) or zigbee

Z-wave products seem to have a minimum 45 euro price tag no matter what you buy. But they have my preference due to the fact I can set associations that improve reliability, even when Homey’s not working. Zigbee can do similar things, just not with Homey as the main controller.

Fibaro’s proved very reliable to mee, Qubino too but I have way less of those.

As for Zigbee smart plugs: Innr sp120 are not so reliable for me, had no sp220 for the lack of power measurements so I cannot tell if they are any better. Hue smart plugs on the other hand are very reliable, but bulky (cannot fit two side by side). I have one dimmable Hue bulb, so I cannot say how reliable that will be :smile:

Homey has limits with regard to how many zigbee devices it will support nicely. When using Hue bridges, I see topics here that having more of those may cause high load on Homey. This leads to delays inhandling flows, so that might be worth investigating.

Its about inwall switches but the idea is still the same, zigbee with its limitations is somewhat faulty so I’d rather have the z-wave switches and indeed they don’t come cheap :wink:

To add to the occassion: I’ve installed momentary switches and most of the bulbs are smart so what I liked about the Shelly products is that you can switch of the relay and just use the button press to tell the light what to do without cutting the power. This while maintaining the normal esthetics with a regular switch.

I’ve got a fibaro switch but I can’t find out if the relay can be detached via a setting. Anybody knows if this is possible?