Z-wave inwall switches which brand? Vs. Zigbee

Hi, I want to equip my house with inwall switches to control also my dumb lights. I still havent decided but i think i prefer zwave to zigbee since I am hitting the zigbee max number of devices.

Here I have no experience which brands. On Ali there are few compatible with Homey priced around 30usd. What are your experiences and recommendations for brands and reliability? I have seen TKB Home, MCO home, or other nonbranded Fibaro compatible?

Many thanks, newby to zwave.

For me the Fibaro devices work well. Using single and double switches for those dumb lights.

I believe Fibaro is good one, but the price is double the cheaper ones.

This one is also interesting.

I search for the smallest one also

Agreed that Fibaro isn’t the cheapest but it’s something you build in and don’t want to look back at it anymore… It’s also something that is constantly powered and risky for a short closure so saving money on a cheap China toy could lead up to an even higher expense.
Same experience here with Fibaro Dimmers, they work perfect, definitely when you include them unsecured :slight_smile: .

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I agree, I don’t have any issue with cheap buttons that are powered by a battery. But everything that is powered by mains electricity should be a decent brand, like Fibaro for example.

Fully agree that Fibaro modules are the best what you can get for this purpose. Not only in term of quality, but also other options (e.g. direct assotiations, setting in module etc.)
For low cost solution, consider wifi modules from shelly. For 1/3rd of the fibaro price, you get almost the same functionality. And you can operate them with or without Homey as an advantage.