Best Build in Zigbee / wifi

Hi all,

So, I moved, and it is beautiful… Time to make it smart. I used to have the smartest 10 m2 in my hometown, but now we moved to 80. There are 2 lights which are fixed to the, which I liked to make smart.

Are there any tips for the best build in Zigbee / zwave/ wifi light switch that work with homey or with Broadlink RM pro!?

I think Sonoff doesn’t, does it? Or would it work via broadlink (the RF one then I guess?).


Go for Fibaro modules behind regular switch. They work flawless and are supported by almost every HA platform.

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I find them really expensive. But are they indeed the best? Thanks for the reply!

What about the Xiaomi build in switches? Would that be the way to go?

Aqara switch needs a bigger installation box (square one). It works, but I had an issue with connectivity to Homey. It somehow stopped working and I needed to repair it several times. Moved to Fibaro rather then.
With fibaro you can use also direct associations without central unit and other direct settings (auto off times, switch type, …). I think its wort the money.

Shelly is a WiFi based smart switch.

Only down side i could find is that it some times need some extra time to be controlled by homey because it has to wake up.