Best z-wave wall switch?

Hey all,

I want to replace some “oldskool” wall switches with some fancy new ones, i saw the Sonoff one’s (, which seem great, but i will have to reflash them to Tasmota, which i don’t want to do.

Are there any Z-Wave or Zigbee ones that work with Homey right out of the box?


Aqara zigbee wall switch is nice, but little bit noisy when switching. You have to have square box to be able to mount it inside (its quite big). Than there is fibaro Walli, but Im not sure if its fully supported in Homey yet. i do recommend zwave modules behind the original switch. You can choose any switch design and they do work without problems.

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Thanks for the fast reply. What do you think of these : ?

I dont have experience with this one, but it should work, its supported by app ( However I personally dont like touch panels, its not so convenient for daily usage I think. E.g if you have full hands and need to turn ON/OFF the light. In case of zwave module (like Fibaro or Qubino relay/dimmers) you have unlimited variety of switch designs that can be used. And they will match with those that are not smart yet :slight_smile:

I have created space for this wall switch of aqara in the wall. It only needs 2 wires black and brown. Also works when homey is down.
Seems that aqara is working on an european version witch will fit in standaard wall boxes

I have 3 of them installed. Works fine with touch and Z-wave. Sometimes it has a bit of delay when switching manually, but i believe that is due to communication with Homey. Also sometimes it switches off/on (very fast) by itself, but not regularly. I like them a lot, they are very good to find in the dark… :slight_smile:
But be aware you have to provide a blue wire to work, as with most of these things.

I have the same experience of the fast switching. When that happens it disconnect it self from the network and I have to re-install the switch again. This also means to update my associated flows.
I am going to replace this switch with an Aqara double switch with neutral.

Which type from Aqara do you have?