Which energymeter wall outlet to buy

Hi, I’m thinking of buying Homey because of the integration of multiple protocols! Because I want to monitor the energy usage I want to buy a FIBARO Walli Outlet F/Z-Wave Plus. But that one is expensive. Is Z-wave the only solution? Or are there also any other (cheaper) options?

Hope to get some reactions, thanks!

If you have enough space behind the dump outlet, you can use e.g. a Fibaro Single Switch 2. There are several similar Z-Wave devices like the Fibaro Single Switch 2 from other manufacturers available.
There are also similar Zigbee and Wifi devices with energy consumption available.

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Thanks! do you have some examples too for wifi or zigbee?

Zigbee: Aqara Single Switch Module T1 (with Neutral; SSM-U01)
WiFi: Shelly (different models, please check it out on the Shelly website)

But please check the technical data of the devices!!!

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I use Homey since 2 years.
Just for informations, I have some fibaro zwave+ modules (dimmer, switch and double-switch, fibaro eyes and door sensor, water floor)

And I have same on Aqara Zigbee (switch, double switch, motion sensor, wall switch, water sensor)

I noticed that zigbee devices are faster than zwave devices.

Aqara Motion sensor detect faster than Fibaro eye and sensitive settings are better.
Aqara switch and double switch turn on faster
Best battery life for Aqara

I was surprise when I see that.

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with zigbee I sometimes have that it’s not connecting (like a lightbulb). I thought zigbee also worked like a mash right? that’s why I’m looking into zwave

Thats right, but Z-Wave needs also a proper mesh. The clue is to install enough Zigbee/Z-Wave router (main powered devices).

I use mainly Z-Wave devices and I don’t notice any relevant delays (< 1 s).

I would like to suggest you to read the information about the different wireless standards.

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