Recommendation - Smart wall plug


currently I use the FIBARO wall plug via zWAVE.

Sadly this device seems to have a lot of problems turning on and off - behaviour is very unstable.

I need to push the button at the wall plug very often because it dont recognize the command.
Makes no difference if I want to (de-)activate the plug

  • directly via homey app
  • via HomeKit app/addon
  • via a remote control (Phillips)

So I’m looking for a alternative. Maybe someone can give me some recommandations what wall plus works flawless!

Thanks in advance

Aeotec Smartswitch 6 is the best for me!

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My best guess is this is a distance/interference/mesh problem. Think u will have the same problems with any other brand. Am using a mix of Fibaro’s and Neo’s. Both do a fantastic job.

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I agrea to the above. I too have fibaro, neeo and innr plugs. Fibaro has by far the best range off the plugs. So I assume, or your mesh is not good enough or the plug is damaged. Try the developerspage to look at your mesh. Maybe that gives you a inside off the problem off your mesh

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I have used NEO COOLCAM plugs but after the V2 plug came out it’s useless.

I’m planning too use innr plugs for 3 reasons.

  1. I’m mainly using zigbee now, and when I move I need some repeaters.
  2. It has decent max watt. 2300W.
  3. Way cheaper than fibaro (half price for me)

I’ll let you know when they are added and tested.

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Thanks for your replies.

For me it can’t be a problem of the range. We got an open living room.
Homey is on a sideboard - 2,5m away is the Phillips remote - and max. 5m away from homey (2,5m away from the remote) is the fibaro plug. No walls or other signal blocking things are between it.
Ok - the plug is behind the couch - but hey - its wood and textile. If this blocking the signal, the signal comming from homey would be worse.
And - the signal from homey to a Fibaro Sensor on the other side of the living room (10m) works also fine! No problems.

Maybe @Marcel_Ubels is right and the plug itself is damaged. But how can I verify it, that the seller will accept a guarantee replacement?
And what you mean with “try developers-page to check the mesh” - I don’t know anything about it.

Maybe theres a firmware update for the Fibaro Plug - but sadly there is (imho) no option to update it without a 400€ HomeCentre :frowning:

P.S The remote control also controls a light strip behind my tv. Never got a command problem turning this on/off.

Go to the above link, go to zwave and search your device. Scroll to the right untill you see the three dots. There you can see your mesh. The three dots will give you some repair possibilities .

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You will see the routing not the MESH :grinning:

@Maddeen in fact everything can affect your signal even other signals around your house.

Also your talking about your philips remote? thats i guess Zigbee so hasnt to anything with your fibaro wich is z-wave. Do you have more z-wave routers (main powerd devices, not battery ones)

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Thanks again. I made some screenshots.
As @RoyWissenburg said (and the screenshots proof it) - Philips and the LightStrip are on Zigbee.

Are 3% Errors (see Screenshot) maybe to much?
And what are these 2 unknown nodes? I don’t have any more smart home hardware.
I only got

  • Homey
  • 1x Fibaro WallPlug
  • 1x Fibaro Sensor
  • 1x Philips Hue Remote Control
  • 1x Philips Lightify


Can u try to put the plug close to Homey and see if it works then?

yes - no problem. But I need to test it for a couple of days to get sure.
As I said - most of the time it works - but suddenly it stops for about an hour - and after that, it works again :-/