Fibaro wall-plug, no response

I have one Fibaro wall-plug which is controlling my christmas tree… :nerd_face:
Homey has contact with it and it’s reporting power consumption as normal, but suddenly it will not turn on and off with Homey. The other strange thing, is that Homey thinks it’s on and off, except that nothing happens with the device itself.

Is this a normal problem? The wall-plugg is probably the least technical device I have in my home. Everything else works flawless, but this is not :expressionless:

For me this sounds like a range problem. Do you have multiple Z-Wave devices?

If you use several Z-Wave devices, it may take a while until an optimal routing between the devices is achieved.

Hmm… I have multiple z-wave yes, but everything is close to Homey. (my apt. is only 85sqm over 1 floor) The device was working for a couple of days before it didn’t turn off and on again. And it seems like it’s reporting power consumption normal…

And what is ur definition of close?
Is that like 5 meters or 10 meters or?

Have you already looked into

Is the Plug reachable? Maybe you can try to „Heal“ the communication (3 dots on the right sight).

Close is like 5m with one drywall wall in between.

I’ll take a look and try to heal the connection… Also when logging everything seems ok, so I’ll test it again when I get home, to see if it’s become responsive again.

Well 5 meters is not close except for close to the limit for out of range. Try to put it closer or put another one in between to test. Over here the first plug is like 20 centimeters away from Homey.

For what? So you can shut down the homey itself? :wink:

So it doesn’t have to be 20 cm. Various devices of mine are up to 5 meters away from the Homey, even partly in other rooms. And these devices are directly connected to the Homey, without routing via other devices. But the range and quality of the signal depends on many factors.
The problem with the drywall could be that there are metal braces. That’s right, isn’t it? And metal braces disturb the Z-Wave signal more than stone walls (depends on the thickness, of course).

So you would have to try to reduce the distance or install more devices (possibly a repeater) in between, as Roco already wrote.
Actually I’m not a friend of repeaters (I don’t own one either), because they make the socket unusable. In this community I’ve read a lot of positive things about the Aeotec repeater. It’s not as expensive as another WallPlug.
But currently only the Range Extender 6 seems to be supported, the RE7 seems not to be supported yet.

Nah. For that I have an Action Wifi plug.
But there is 1 for the tv and 1 for the Playbar. That way I can check if the tv is on f.e.

Don’t think my range is the problem. I have plenty of Z-wave devices and some are further away without any delay or what so ever. I will try to disconnect and connect it to Homey again. Maybe that’s a quick fix

I’ve heard that before. But it’s a free tip based on own experience so . Every situation is different.
But, seriously. If i heared it could be a range problem, i took the plug out and put it near Homey. Just to tell: it wasn’t the range, i tried that.
There is no need in opening things or doing some hard work just to prove i am wrong, aye?


Just to be sure it is not a far more simple problem: there isn’t by any chance a traditional switch between the wall plug and the Christmas tree that someone used to turn it off?
That’s how they fooled me once :grinning:

Simple diagnostic question: Did it click when it was switched before? Does it still click now or is it silent? If it is silent now, it can be a defective relay or relay related electronic component(s).

I have had the same problem with 2 of my Coolcam plugs. Their led changes on/off status when switched either by hand or via Homey, Homey sees them go off or on, they are still on the Z-wave network and act as a router but they won’t switch “physically”.

Well to put this straight. It’s now working. I removed it from homey and paired it again and everything seems fine. There’s nothing wrong with the relay, it did report to homey when it wasn’t working so the whole thing remains a mystery. Could be a firmware bug since they are quite old. Hopefully it’ll work now! And thanks for all the good answers :+1:

A defective relay has no influence on the Z-wave communication. In fact, all does what it should, except it doesn’t really switch physically. One of mine started working again after re-plugging, but it stopped switching again after a day and never switched again while everything else works.