Homey doesn’t recognize Fibaro wall plug

Since a few days I own a new Homey. Today I tried to connect a new Fibaro Z-wave Plus wall plug. Unfortunately Homey doesn’t recognize the device. Not when plugging in the Fibaro, nor after pushing the button on it 3 times. Why? Anyone who can help?

And you did first delete it with……

Remove zwave device?

even when its a new device it could be possible you have to do this, i know its strange, but dont ask me why :smiley:

I don’t have any other Z-wave devices yet. So, when I try what you suggest, it says ‘couldn’t remove device’.

And you try to add the plug in really close range (centimeters)?

Reset. <Link,click!

Yep. 10 cm distance…

And the remove device like Roy stated is working. Click remove device and then tripple click the button on the plug.

Resetting the wall plug didn’t work

Removing the device and clicking 3 times the B button didnt work

And u did hit the button like u mean it aye? Like 3 times within 1 second?

Looking at he picture you added in your first post? did you install the fibaro app?

ah already see it works :+1:

Thanks! That did work! I didn’t know I had to push that button that quickly! Thanks all!