Which Z-Wave wall plug to buy to increase Z-Wave range?

Hello All

I have a few battery powered Z-wave motion sensors but the range of those sensors is horrible. For example my Fibaro motion sensor is only 6 meters away from my Homey (without any walls or doors in between) and most of the time it has problems reaching it.

So I have the idea to increase the Z-Wave range by adding a few Z-Wave Wall plugs (I understood that they have a better range than the battery powered Z-Wave devices). But now I’m wondering which ones to buy? In other words which works best with Homey? I don’t need the fancy LED lights on the wall plug but just a reliable device with a good Z-Wave range.

Hopefully you guys can share your experience



i have fibaro plugs und more neo coolcam plugs. bit i must say that the fibaro plugs built more better mesh and have a really bette range than the neos. but the neos are cheaper.

so i would use the fibaros to extand the range and built zwave routers at the most importend places of your home. then use the neos for the not so important paces.

the neos are also really good don’t understand me wrong but the fibaros are better in building mesh and range :wink:

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It depends on how many plugs you want to buy. Like @PhilS says, the range of the Fibaro plugs is better than Neos. If your mesh is good enough, (because you have enough plugs or built-in modules), then I would save money and buy Neo plugs.

I use two Aeotec Smart Switch 6 to give good mesh coverage of my house.
Just about every connection goes through at least one of them !
Like the way they have a USB charging socket on the side !
Not tried any others so maybe a bit biased !


Same as above. I have Fibaro (Zwave and Zwave-plus) and Neo Coolcam. The Fibaro’s have a range from downstairs, all up to the attic, the Neo’s have a shorter range. When I check de devoloper tools, I can also see that a lot of battery-devices mesh via the Fibaro’s and almost none via the Neo’s.

But yeah, the Neo’s are a lot, lot cheaper.

Else, you can buy the Aeotec range extender. Cheaper than the plugs but of course no use other than extender.

So based on your comments I bought the Fibaro Z-Wave plus wall plug and at the moment it looks like everything is now working correctly. It looks like the range of the Z-Wave plus Fibaro motion sensor is just only a few meters (<5) without any walls or doors in between the device and Homey (only a couch) instead of the up to 30 m indoors which is in the sepcs of the device. Or it has something to do with the construction of Homey which is decreasing the range.

Thanks for your comments