Nice zigbee wall switches


I’m planning to make my home smarter, specifically all the lights.
I don’t like using smart bulbs, but prefer to use smart wall switches/dimmers.
Mainly because then everything keeps working nice in case my Homey would fail, and to prevent kids/guests from accidentally switching off the smart bulbs with the wall switch.

Since my wall boxes are very shallow (4cm) I can’t use separate switch modules (I’ve tried a bunch, they won’t fit), so I’m looking for smart wall switches and dimmers. (Not remotes, but switches that are physically connected to the light bulb)

My main problem is: I haven’t found ones that look nice like regular wall switches.
This is what I have in my house right now (dumb switch):

What I’ve been able to find so far, in terms of smart wall switches or smart dimmers are very thick, with sharp edges. Not what I’m looking for.

Sonfar I’ve found:
Aqara switches:

Various clones/look-alikes of Tuya switches:

These weird ‘touch’ buttons:

And I also have one of these in my house: An Ecodim Dimmer, that you can use your own switch plate with. It’s very nice, but also very expensive, and I don’t like the round turning knob for every room. I’d prefer a square button.

Has anyone found nice looking Zigbee wall switches (not remotes) yet, that look more like regular switches?


If the modules don’t fit in your wall boxes, they might still fit in the light fixture. That’s how iI ended up doing it in a bunch of places in the house. Works great and is affordable.

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