Does this exist for switching?

Hi All,

I’m replacing a lot of lights with RGBW light bulbs connected to Homey. Now the wife and kids want to be able to keep using normal switches to turn them on or off.

For all my dimmable non-color lights I’m using the Fibaro dimmers. They are great as they also have the possibility to attach a regular (pulse) switch to control it.

Those smart light bulbs only have power, nothing to control it other than Z-Wave. There are these fibaro and aerotec switches you could use, but they are battery powered and (personally) don’t look great. I also currently have a lot of switches combined next to a power outlet, so changing that for such a switch solution will not work.

On 2 locations I now have a Fibaro dimmer plugged in behindf my “normal” switches, only to sent commands to Homey. They are no longer connected to anything, not dimming or switching any device. I’m only using it to make my current switches “smart” switches, controlling non switchable devices.

Would anyone know if such an device exists, but then dedicated to this purpose? Perhaps with more signal inputs and without the dim/switch ability that’s unneeded (making it perhaps even smaller and perhaps cheaper as well)? For me that would need to be a Z-Wave device.

Take a look here: Xiaomi wireless zigbee switch combined with momentary switch

It’s a “hack” to make regular momentary/pulse switches smart by using cheap Xiaomi devices. I’m not sure if anyone has made something similar for regular (on/off) switches, though.

Thanks, that is indeed about exactly what I’m looking for, only then I would need it to be z-wave and preferably 230v powered instead of battery. I’ll check if Xiaomi makes these things for z-wave as well.