Fibaro Dimmer 2 Hotel Switch

How do I connect all of this? I have double pulse switches instead of single, can I simply not use both of the buttons?

I found the schematic you see up here, but I don’t know how to make this work with my double pulse switches. I have a neutral wire so I am trying to do the 3 wire version. Is it simply not possible? Do I need single pusle switches instead of double? Can’t find a schematic to make this work and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The drawing “B” is good for you, configure the Dimmer for “hotel schakeling” in the settings.

I find the following site very clarifying:

Maybe it helps

Is it possible to dim the light with the standard switches?

With default on off switches, no. With a pulsdruk (in Dutch). Momentary switch I think it is called in English.

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Thanks to all for the help! I got the switches to work, but now it seems that one of the switches is connected to S2 and the other to S1. This means that both (double momentary switches) have 1 switch that does nothing. Still trying to find a solution for that.

So why use a dimmer? Or is this kind of functionality not available on any other zwave device?

What kind of installation do you have? Two double pulse switches that control the same light? Please elaborate…

All of my lights in my house are controlled by Fibaro Dimmer 2 modules. They are placed behind the switch. Basically, you can use any switch with the Fibaro Dimmer 2, but it is advised to use a momentary switch to be able to use the dim function. After reading online a little, I learned that you can also use a double momentary switch, so basically two buttons. The second one can then be used in a flow.

So I have double momentary switches throughout the entire house.

Now the problem and setup you are reading about is the hotel switch I was trying to make work. Since I only have double momentary switches, that seems a little redundant. Because I now do indeed have 2 double momentary switches to control 1 single light source. That is probably why the second (S2) button on both momentary switches does not work.

Sorry, what i mean is, with just on / off switches you cannot dim, with the momentary switches you can. And if using the on/off switches, you still can dim with the app ofcourse. It’s just the switch tells on / off, not the app.

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I understand, thanks!
Do you know if there is any other Z-wave device which can do the same as the Dimmer2 minus the dimming?

Now I see, this is actually how I also have it in my setup. S2 cannot be coupled to a physical light, only via Homey. This is “by design”

And this is not working in the hotel connection?

While it is a little bit topic hijacking; you can buy the single or double switch but they are roughly the same price and don’t support dining at all. For my on and off I use shelly 1pm but is WiFi , they only cost a fraction of the price.

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Perhaps a bit late as an answer, but I always put the Fibaro in the central wire box in the ceiling where the lamp is connected. This works independent of the number of switches you have and it is just much easier to connect. If you have more than one lamp connected you will have to find the correct location but that also works.

I always put the Fibaro in the central wire box in the ceiling where the lamp is connected.

Possible to post a picture of how you did this? It sounds like it’s the easiest solution indeed…

Would like to know if there is room inside the central wire box?

Just take situation A and connect S1 to the black wire coming from the switch that connects to the lamp. Then connect Live and Neutral as normal and connect the lamp to the outgoing connection on the Fibaro…

As @Robin_van_Kekem remarked, you will have to check if there is enough room. In the case of hotel switches the central boxes can become quite full, but in modern houses they use extra deep ones so I generally am able to pull it off. Also, if the lamp has some kind of ‘base’ as is sometimes the case there might be room in there to put the Fibaro switch.

[quote=“Gerard_van_Dijnsen, post:14, topic:24344”]
. If you have more than one lamp connected you will have to find the correct location but
[/quote]How does this work with the ‘central switch’. In the ceiling spot there are 3 wires. Yellow/Green, Black and Blue. So there is no brown or L. And the black wire get’s switched by the switch. So could act as L but only if turned on. Or am i missing something?

My guess is your out of luck. Most of the time the brown is also there.