Double click dimmer


I’ve tried to search the forum for answers, but it really is a jungle here :slight_smile:

Im going to replace my current dimmers to dimmers where i can double click the button to trigger different scenarios.

What i wish is for the dimmers to do the following:
1 Click - Turn light on
1 Click plus hold - Dim up / down
2 Click dim to X plus turn off light Y.

I have been looking at the fibaro dimmer 2, but not sure if this dimmer has that capabillity ?
If not, what dimmer should I get ?

Yes, you can do that with Fibaro dimmer 2.

To be more specific: Yes you can do that with Fibaro dimmer2. But you need to set the configuration correct first.

  • Open dimmer settings
  • Advanced settings
  • Switch type: pulsedrukschakelaar (no idea how that is called in English)
  • At “ruwe configuratie parameters” (raw configuration?) type “28,1,15;29,1,15;” (without the quotes). This arranges for the double and triple click actions to be send through.

And then make the flows:

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Fibaro dimmer 2 shall do what you want. Best used with a momentary switch (one with a spring, that only has one position). And look at the wiring requirement’s, can be quite a puzzle to get existing setups wired correctly. I have about 20 of these in my house… And several where I use the S2 for controlling my scenes.


I have added the Settings , but still no luck.

Also added the values to raw input without ””

Just in case you are still stuck, I think you need to set ‘Double click’ to OFF. I think that setting overrides the scene activation so it will just go to 100% on a double click instead of sending the command to your Homey.

I will try this as soon as im back at home!
Thank you !

By the way, what kind of switch do you have the Fibaro Dimmer connected to? In your Advanced Settings it says momentary switch (which I would recommend), but your flow refers to a toggle switch.

Assuming you have a momentary switch:
Change the “When” card to “Dimmer 2 scene (momentary) Pressed left (S1) 2x”