How many "Fibaro dimmer 2" do i need for my setup?


How many “Fibaro dimmer 2” do i need for my setup?

Is this the recommended setup?

The staircase has one switch downstairs and one upstairs that will toggle the lights. Can i also use “fibaro dimmer 2” there?

Sure! You can connect multiple switches to 1 Fibaro Dimmer. And there are multiple ways to do this… It’s better if you replace all your switches to pulse switches (although it’s not needed if you only want to toggle the light and not dim them).

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Typically you place a Dimmer2 module, or any other module simular to the dimmer2, behind an existing light switch. So if your zones are switched with a physical button, you can add a module behind it.

Based on your drawing I see lights falling in 2 zones, that’s not possible with Dimmer2 as far as I know.

Your staircase uses ‘hotel’ switching, at least, that’s what it’s called in dutch, in English I believe it’s called two-way switch. And yes, you can use the Dimmer2 for that too. See the following url, it’s in dutch but can be easily translated:

There is a minor change, now the function to enable is ‘3-way switch function’, other than that, it works.

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