Installing Fibaro Single Switch 2 questions

Hi, I’m a new Homey user. After adding the first smart plugs I am now trying to add wall switches.
The Fibaro Dimmer was easy. But now I am trying to install a Single Switch 2 to a combined outlet/tumble switch. And I just don’t see what to do.
These images are the current wires of the outlet/switch combination and the Fibaro wire diagram.
If someone could point me in the right direction of the correct installation (wiring) scheme I would appreciate it!

Does the switch, switch the outlet or a lamp, I presume the outlet?

In that case do this:

  • Connect a new blue wire to the N on the Fibaro module. You can add an extra blue wire from the outlet to the Fibaro switch.
  • Connect the brown wire to the L (the one that is left from Q) on the Fibaro module.
  • Connect the black wire to the Q on the Fibaro module
  • Connect a new black wire to the outlet (where previous the other black wire was connected to) and the other end in S1 on the Fibaro module
  • Conect a new black cable (or brown) to the L on the previous position of the brown wire on the outlet place the other end in L (right to the S2) on the Fibaro switch.


No way. Brown and blue are for the outlet, the switch is for the black wire.

Sorry, I did not provide enough info. The outlet is always powered, the switch switches a lamp.

That’s what I meant to say the switch switches the outlet. Than it should work as I described.

Sorry, no the switch does not switch the outlet. It switches a lamp. I forgot to mention that.

So u have to cut the black wire. The one from the switch goes to S1. The one from the lamp goes to Q. Then feed the Fibaro with brown on L and blue on N.

@Jo_San, is it clear what you should do?

Hi, yes, thanks all. I understand I need to follow @Rocodamelshekima’s description. Will do it tomorrow as it is too dark now when switching off the main power. Thanks again, great to see people willing to help others out!

Did it anyway. It works! Only thing is I that it does not seem to fit behind the socket, but will figure that out later.

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