Fibaro association


I have 2 Fibaro Dimmer 2’s, one is connected to a normal double switch (no pulse, S1) and to a light (led bulbs) and the other Dimmer is connected to another light (led spots) but not to the switch. Because there isn’t enough space in the wallbox to put 2 Dimmers in them I’ve set it up like this. S1 switches the dimmer directly and I’ve made an association (Group 4) on the led bulbs Dimmer that S2 turns on/off the other Dimmer (spots).

But there’s a second delay when flipping the switch of S2. Is there something I can do about this? Both are added unsecure. When I flip S1 (directly to the switch/dimmer) the light goes on instantly. Also when I turn on the light of the spots with Homey app it goes instantly.

Is it better to make a scene for this?

You can try to use scene activation instead of direct association. In my case it works better. With direct association I had also some delay, with flow enabled by scene from first device to second device, it was almost instant.

Alright thanks! I thought it would be better with a direct association. I’ll try it out with a scene

Edit: first impression is not that much improvement. Also I have a bug with Homey that starts scene flows twice everytime. I’ve notified Athom and they are looking into it

Did you enable the Scene activation functionality?
If yes, than you will get delay.

Scene activation is off.
Distance between both Dimmers is ±1 meter.
I’ve filled in the ID in group 4 of the transmitter.

It’s not a long delay but very noticeable when you press the other switch and the light goes on instantly