Z-Wave / Fibaro Associations question

I have quite some Fibaro modules in use, both “Dimmer 2” as well as “Single Switch 2” ones.
Some of them have their own physical switch, but some not as that is not really needed (they are fully automated).
However, for situations where Homey is not available (broken or whatever), it would be nice to be able to switch those lights that do not have a physical switch, on/off.

I set up associations on one of the Dimmer-2’s. I use the association group 2, that should send on/off commands to the other modules which ID’s I entered in the association group 2.

That works well for other Dimmer 2’s, they are switched on/off properly with the association. However, the Single Switch module does not respond at all. From what I have read, it should be possible to send those on/off commands of association group 2 to other type of modules.

This is the configuration of the Dimmer with the physical switch:

All modules are non-secure.

Any associations guru that could point me in the right direction to get the Single Switch 2 also responding?

Very strange:

  • if I try to switch on another Single Switch in the same association, that works.
  • if I try to switch on the one that does not work in the above association with an association on another single switch, it works.

I’m clueless.

Solved it, thanks for the help! :grinning: