Fibaro RGBW phantom association with Dimmers (switching on without flow, association or manual switch)

Anybody know how to trace what might be causing a device to switch on?

I have 2 Fibaro dimmers which turn on their attached lights at least once per day, neither of which has an association or flow associated with them.

How can I determine what is causing them to switch on?

This is one of them:

πŸ’‘ Office Lights
Property	Value
ID	987882fd-2ba8-4538-af2b-35b562ee1f16
Name	πŸ’‘ Office Lights
Class	light
Driver	homey:app:com.fibaro β€” FGD-212
Ready	Yes
Available	Yes
Warning	No
Custom icon	No

Key	Value
token	"53b5a801-68ef-4a04-b92d-f58e237950df"

Key	Value
zw_node_id	"75"
zw_manufacturer_id	"271"
zw_product_type_id	"258"
zw_product_id	"4096"
zw_secure	"β¨―"
zw_battery	"β¨―"
zw_device_class_basic	"BASIC_TYPE_ROUTING_SLAVE"
zw_device_class_generic	"GENERIC_TYPE_SWITCH_MULTILEVEL"
zw_firmware_id	"274"
zw_application_version	"3"
zw_application_sub_version	"5"
zw_hardware_version	"2"
zw_wakeup_interval	0
zw_wakeup_enabled	false
zw_application_version_1	"3"
zw_application_sub_version_1	"5"
zw_group_1	"1"
zw_group_2	""
zw_group_3	""
zw_group_4	""
zw_group_5	""
scene_activation	false
double_click	true
3_way_switch	false
switch_s1_and_s2	true
switch_type	"2"
timer_functionality	0
minimum_brightness	1
maximum_brightness	99
forced_brightness_level	20
dimming_step_auto	1
time_dimming_step_auto	1
dimming_step_manual	5
time_dimming_step_manual	5
force_no_dim	false
save_state	true
watt_report	10
watt_interval	3600
kwh_report	0.1
self_measurement	false
force_auto_calibration	"0"
soft_start	"1"
zw_configuration_value	""

ID	Title	Type	Value	Set Value	Last Changed
dim	Dim level	number	0	
10 hours ago
measure_power	Power	number	0		10 hours ago
meter_power	Energy	number	7.7		10 hours ago
onoff	Turned on	boolean	false	
10 hours ago

When a device of this type is not working correct you must check that all cables are connected and is not loose.

It’s not a cabling problem. It’s some kind of bug with the RGBW module firmware, supposedly fixed with a firmware update but not in my case: Phantom menace (RGBW) - RGBW Controller - Smart Home Forum by FIBARO