Heatit/fibaro dimmers and switches Turned On (without flow or by user)

Various dimmers and switches turns both On and Off at random times. Not even the same dimmers are involved.

How can I solve? Anyone else experience this?

It’s a bit annoying when your bedroom light turns on during sleep…

Hej Christoffer,

A question, do you have a log card to all action parts of your flows? Like, Papertrails, SimpleLog, Timeline, Callmebot, Telegram etc.
Only then you can filter out what is happening.

For instance, I scratch my head quite often about ‘new phenomenons’. In the end, it almost always seems I edited or added something in my flows which caused the unexpected ‘malfunction’.

There have been more reports about (especially) Hue turning itself on or off.
I haven’t seen the cause/solution yet.

I do have a workaround:

Turn off the lamp when [brand X] has turned on the lamp

This is possible with the Device Capabilities app

In my example I used ‘Tuya cloud’ instead of ‘Fibaro’

If you have created the flow below:
then turn on the lamp with the Mobile Homey app, and look in the timeline notification for the exact name of the client (client = the app or service that turned on the lamp).

Now you can create this flow, and use the client’s name as a filter

Timeline results, bottom report is from the 1st flow, top one is from the 2nd flow:
Screenshot from 2022-12-19 22-53-18

I completely reinstalled my Homey. And it’s still happening. See attached example. I have only one flow to turn on/off lights outside when sun sets/rises. Fibaro has turned this off…

I would suggest to contact Athom.
By the way, this is not the only case that a Fibaro device turns on/off by itself (see this German language thread).

@Peter_Kawa, I have tried your workaround. However, the result is nothing different than the info in the device timeline. Or am I missing something?