Fibaro dimmer 2: lights turn off&back on

Hope you guys can help me troubleshoot.
Setup (hasn’t changed for two years)
Homey 2016
4 led spots under carport
Fibaro dimmer 2

2 flows currently active:

  1. Flow triggers lights at sunset (ON)
  2. Flow triggers lights at sunrise (OFF)

For a week or two this strange thing happens.
After carport lights are triggered on due to flow 1, at some (seemingly random) point in time the lights go off and on.
I’ve taken a screenshot for your info.

After this series of off/on the lights just work normally.

I tried to trigger the auto calibration function.
I also tried disconnecting the fibaro dimmer and reconnecting.
Not sure where to look next.
The log just has a timestamp, doesn’t tell me what triggered the state change.


Could be that your load on the dimmer is to low (<20watt) and a Fibaro dimmer 2 bypass unit is needed.

But it has worked without any issues for 2 years so that seems very unlikely to me??

@mistaoutlaw did you figure this out?

The sunrise app is updated 2 times last 25 days. Possibly it was a bug in the app.

No I did not.
It still persists.
Today I tried changing parameter 38 to 0 just to see if that helps in any way…

Did you happen to solve this? I am experiencing similar issues with 1 Fibaro Dimmer 2.

It only occurs when we are at home during day time (e.g. working from home). The light will turn off and then back on 2 minutes later. There is no flow doing that, and also in the device log you can see that “Fibaro” performs the action. Normally that means someone pressing the physical button.

The same light is one entire nights, and then never has this same issue.

Nope… Issue still persists, almost daily…
Bought a new dimmer but didn’t have / make the time to replace and test…

I finally changed the dimmer to a new one.
Works fine now.

I will try the “old” fibaro dimmer someplace else.
And see if I get the same strange behaviour.

Good to know, thanks