Fibaro dimmer 2 randomly turns off lights

Hi all,

Some help to troubleshoot this issue would be much appreciated.
I have a setup with Homey in combination with a.o. a fibaro dimmer 2.
To this dimmer I have connected 5x led spots 4.9watt each.
This used to work for 2 months or so. No issues at all.

Until suddenly the lights started turning off randomly.
I haven’t been able to time the issue, it’s very random but the lights usually stay on for longer than 15 minutes.
So it’s not like the lights are flickering.

There are no flows associated with this dimmer.
I did shutdown Homey today just to be sure, to determine if it was the reason why the dimmer turns off, but that is not the issue.
The lights did turn off, even with Homey offline.

Any idea where I can start looking for a solution?
I checked the dimmer and it doesn’t show a led indicator or something like that.
Please advise :slight_smile:

The lights did turn off, even with Homey offline.

First this means that its very much either an issue with the dimmer,. wiring or perhaps the dimmers settings

ie. Parameter 10 : Timer functionality (auto - off ) - This parameter allows to automatically switch off the device after specified time from switching on the light source. It may be useful when the Dimmer 2 is installed in the stairway.

Perhaps check that, and then

15.Burnt out bulb detection
16. Time delay of a burnt out bulb
39. Power limit - OVERLOAD

Thanks will check and report out.
Edit : you are right.
Somehow I managed to set the timer functionality to 1800 seconds (although I don’t recall doing this…!!)
Thanks a lot @Jamie!

Where do i find these kind of config possibilities in homey?

Hey @Raymond_Accaoui - I swear there use to be options for it right in advance settings but looking at my app right now you’re going to have to use the raw configuration options to send raw data.