Using motion sensor as dusk dawn sensor for outside light

Hello, before I had Fibaro home center and where I could make it work but it might be possible that I don’t fully understand homey logic in flows.

I want to control my outside lights by a motion sensor from Fibaro by using lux measurements, this sensor should control 6 Fibaro dimmer 2 for turning on off the outside lights.

Problem is: Fibaro motion sensor always sends a lux report measurements even there is no change i know i can adjust that but it should not be needed. When I turn off one dimmer after sunset the lights are turning on during night and they should stay off.

Someone experienced user got any advice?
Using to flows one to activate and deactivate the other flow?

Best regards.

Two ways you can this. Most common and easy way is using in the THEN part the date time card from homey. When the sun sets or rises. When you want some more possibilities the app sun events is in that case your app for that.

Second is making a flow which gives the lux measurements into a logic variabele. WHEN fibaro lux changes, AND lights are off, THEN set lux to your logic variabele. Next flow you can use this measurement for your flows, turning on or off your bulbs, ore ofcourse dimm your bulbs.

Feel free to share your flows, so we can help.

Hello thanks for your fast reply. I recreate my first flow where I experience the lights did not turned on at all. As u see on this picture how my flow is:

In the and I used the luminance from my outside motion sensor.
Since this flow don’t works I creat3d this one:

When I turn off the other led spots during the night they triggered on again by the motion sensor. I like to keep them off after 11pm until sunrises.
Compared to Fibaro home center I could not see a function to set a delay on my lux measurements in a flow? If lux is less than 3 lux and under 3 lux in 10 minutes then the lights should turn on after sunset.

I can try the app u recommended but is it’s needed since homey got so many functions on its own in a flow?

At this point I don’t have a clue what you exact want. First off all, lux 3 is very very low. Why exact 3? Second you want the light to turn off when it is 3 lux for 10 minutes? Why for 10 minutes?

An example in my house: when motion is triggered, and lux is lower as 30 turn on lights. When motion is triggered and lux is higher as 40 turn of lights. This works quite nice.

Hello, reason why I have to use 3 lux is because my sensor is placed in the topp of the entrance under roof about 3 meters from the ground. So it’s a bit bad placed but secure from rain and so on.

Reason why I need a delay of my sensor is because if a car passes the lux value can be higher at the night so that the lights are not turning on off because of this.

I got the same settings wich u use I guess but I got lights all arround the house and I use to turn off the other 5 Fibaro dimmer 2 manually that only one is on during whole night. I can post my settings from Fibaro maybe it’s more easier to understand :slight_smile:

I just use the lux value from my outside motion sensor.

That’s why I wanted a delay on lux
Maybe it’s possible to make one time trigger of lux after sunset for each day?

U can make a timer for this. When lux changes and =below 3 start timer. When timer is empty AND lux <3 then turn lights on.
U can also disable the flow at 2300 hours and enable it again at sunrise.
U can also make a boolean variable. When lux changes set boolean to true. This is to prevent the trigger to run every time the lux changes and it’s below 3.
Lots of options. Will require some extra flows tho.

Thanks for help :slight_smile: i maneged now to do it by deactivating the flow. I installed three different countdown app but I could not see how i cloud use the timer as u mentioned in your post.

Here is a nice example of using timers.