Motion + turn off

Hi, I have such a problem. Very simple flow:
the motion sensor does not detect motion
turn off the light 1 with a delay of 10 min
turn off the light 2 with a delay of 10 min

And now the problem, sometimes the flow works well and sometimes it can, for example, after turning on the light and entering the room and staying in it, it will turn off the light after 3 minutes, other times after 5 minutes. I tested on two fibaro motion sensors and the frient is the same.
What may be the problem?

Just a few things to consider: a motion detector detects motion, it’s not a presence detector. So if you’re in a room and you’re not moving (enough), the motion sensor will not notice you and after some time the lights will turn off.

Also, if you’re using delays, the lights will get turned off after 10 minutes regardless of whether new motion was detected in the mean time.

So, for example:

  • you enter the room and turn the lights on; the motion sensor notices you
  • you leave the room for a moment, the motion sensor will not detect motion anymore; a timer for 10 minutes is started (the delay)
  • after 7 minutes, you enter the room again
  • then, after 3 minutes, the 10-minute timer will expire and the lights will turn off.

There should be lots of posts on this forum about how to solve this problem.

Thank you for your response.
Yes, I know that it is a motion sensor, not presence sensor. The motion sensor is placed in the bathroom, so I gave a delay of 10 minutes. I created the same flow as I had in smartthings, from which I switched to homey pro. I thought the modus operandi would be similar, but nevertheless I can see that it works differently.

This might get you going:

Or use “The zone has been inactive for xx minutes” card for switching OFF your Bathroom light:

The issue the question-starter has, imho, has to do with timers and delays, not being able to stop delays as standaard functionality to be precise.
@Peter_Kawa 's answer is probably what he needs: you need a Timer app like Countdown, so you can cancel a “started shutdown lights card with delay” when the motion is detected again before the light is shutdown.

@JPe4619 thank you, i followed your advice. One simple flow was enough and everything works great.

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