Turn off Lights without motion sensor

I want to create a flow that turns off the lights after x elapsed time. Generally speaking the light is turned off at the wall switch (not via the app) but I always forget to turn off the lights when I leave the room. Is there a way I can set up a flow that uses some sort of countdown timer from the moment the light is turned on, to then turn the lights off?

I’m using Aeotec nano switch, I don’t have a motion sensor.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Use a timer/countdown app, you can find this in the app store.

For flows and how it works, i guess 1000 examples on the forum. How to find them …use the search. Works the same google :wink:

Or use a extra card in the then part. switch light off with delay of x seconds, ofcourse it wil always of after the amount of time you set, even if you stil in the room. If you dont want that and that sound logic you need something thats knows your still in the room (motion)

Sometimes there is an option in advanced settings to switch the devices off after a certain time. My Aqara switches, NEOpower plugs and Fibaro relays all have this option.

Here the Fibaro FGS-222

The simplest option is to have your flow look like this:
IF …
Start Light
Stop Light Delay 60 seconds

The Delay option is available for every flow (then) step/card.

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I have a similar problem which partially works.:
When light turned on
turn off after 30 minutes
The problem with this is that the hidden timer continues to run and will operate even if the light has been turned on again. I can’t see a way of interrupting that timer which runs in the background.