Advanced Flow Help for turning off lights with presence sensor


Apologies if I am missing something simple.

I am using an Aqara FP2 presence sensor and I want the Homey Pro to turn off all of the lights in the basement after there has been no presence detected for X minutes. Originally I used the delay function, but quickly learned that once motion wasn’t detected (even if briefly) that it started the timer and turned off the lights even if I was in the room and it was sensing presence.

So then I tried to create a flow with an extra step after the time to check if there is presence and to turn off if there is no presence and to not perform any action if there is presence. The attached image shows my current attempt, but it isn’t functioning as expected. Any guidance is appreciated!

There are many ways to control the light in relation to the use of presence sensors. Here is a simple example of how I easily do it. In other cases, I have defined different values for the light depending on the time of day. Then it can become a little more complicated, but still clear with advanced flow.

Use a timer/countdown:
If zone became free then (re-)start timer.

If zone (re-)occupied then stop timer; turn on lights when they are off and it is dark.

If timer ends then turn off lights.

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Appreciate the help! That totally makes sense and is much more straight forward that I thought, thanks!