Lights in one room controled by three devices. Kaos? Possible?

I have a door into my garage. I want to automatically control light on (and off after 3 min) via a motion detection sensor. Every now and then I work in the garage and then I want the light to stay on by using a button. To make things worse, I want the light to go on when the garage doors open (I have Homematic IP garage door controller “HMiP-MOD-TM” - still not supported by the Homematic application, but will be, I hope). I also want it to turn off automaticall after 3 mins. Surely something like this is a common challenge? Anyone know a solution?

Do you have advanced flow on your Homey Pro (or a Homey 2023)?

Start with one sensor, so you will learn and become an experienced user.

Yes. This scenario is on my Homey Pro 2019. I have an implementation using Advanced flow, but it involves a global variable. I was hoping I could make this work only by checking the state of the other sensors.

Anyone with experience with controlling one device with multiple sensors?

To say it in advance, it is not a problem to create such a flow.
Before I begin with the flow, I have a few questions and comments.

A physical button (wired or battery powered), or a virtual button in the Homey App?

Nope, sorry. The app has not been updated for about 2 years. The app developer also doesn’t respond to requests, whether in the forum, via PM or on GitHub. So the chance is very low that more devices will be added or bugs will be fixed. It would be ideal if a new developer could be found. However, this developer must completely reprogram the app from a legal point of view.
To make the flow work when the garage door will be opened, you could install a door/window sensor, for example.

Thanx Fontross for replaying. To be specific I’m using the following devices in the setup:
Button: Aqara Wireless Mini Switch (Zigbee)
Motion: Aqara Motion Sensor P1 (ZigBee)
Socket (for light): Telldus On/Off socket slim

Good to get some intel on Homematic although not the info I was hoping for. Will use Aqara door and Window sensor on the garage doors, as you suggest… Double doors, so I will end up with four sensors controlling the socket for the lights.

Something like this should do.

I prefer to use zone activity for the motion sensors and garage door contacts, which reside in the same zone, Garage.
This way you can replace sensors, or add/remove (all but one) sensors without having to fiddle with your flows).


On Homematic, I got this feedback in a Messenger conversation with them:

Too bad. Even if you have to buy the hardware, of course, Homey is a competitor product for them. And for the CCU3 (Homematic) additional software is sold, partly in annual subscription.
A possible way to integrate your garage door controller is Home Assistant and the Homey Home Assistant Community App from @RonnyW.