Lights turning on/off based on motion with BUTTON

I have a little problem with my lights based on motion.
My problem:

When the motion sensor is on and the time is between 19:00 and 7:00 then lights on
when the motion sensor is off then wait 60sec and turn off lights

But when i turn on the phisical button where the light is included, then the lights is on until i turn them of myself.

sorry for my bad english ;/
Please help.

If you can switch the light with the physical button without trigger a motion, then it is very simple.

When light is switched on
And no motion
Then disable flow “Switch off after 60sec”

And will happen when i turn on light when the motion is on?
that’s not work.

The light was switched on because a motion is detected. And from time to time you want avoid that the light will be switch off automatically after 60 sek., right?

I want that the light work with the sensor every day from 19 to 7, but sometimes I want to turn on the light with the button and the light is on until I turn off the button.

Before 19:00 and after 07:00 it already works, because your flow (automatically switch off) only works between 19:00 an 07:00, right?

In the time between 19:00 and 07:00, after the light is switch on by the motion and you want to avid to be automatically switched off.
In this case I only See one Option.

When the light is switch off
And the Countdown Timer is running
Then switch light on
And stop Countdown Timer.

So you have Switch off the light, to Stopp the Countdown Timer.

This assumes that you turn off the light via a countdown timer.