Fibaro dimmer and roller shutter - Association

I can’t get the fibaro dimmer 2 to associate with the roller shutter 3. I believe I do it correct, Homey recognize the button presses but the roller shutter does not move. The roller shutter moves from mobile app.

Roller shutter 3

Dimmer 2:

Any help is much appreciated

My knowledge of associations is not the best. But as far as I know, you have to use group 3 or 5 for the roller shutter. Group 2 and 4 can only be used for basic functions like “on/off”.

Also, both devices must be included with the same security standard, which is not the case here.

Thanks a lot for your your feedback.

Ill give it a new shot.

Regards security, I was aware of that, but i read in the manual that the dimmer will send secure for group 2 to 5 (parameter 27). I ser that the roller shutter is S2 included. Are the not on the same security then?

The dimmer 2 is included unsecure:

And the RS3 is included with S2 (Authenticated):

So they are not with the same security standard included.

For more information please read the following threads:

Thanks for reply and pointing me in the right direct ion. Yes, working now. The solution was to include the roller shutter as non secure. Standard inclusion for the dimmer, but send non secure for the groups used by roller shutter.