Problem with fibaro roller shutter 3

hi all, i need help with a fibaro ruller shutter 3: i connected it but homey identifies it as a dimmer and the only possible command is that of light intensity. Why? Thanks for your help

Are you sure it is a roller shutter 3, as z-wave devices are included based on their internal ID’s which you can’t include incorrectly (even if you select a different brand’s device the correct one will be used).
If you are really sure (try re-including) then you probably have a faulty device.

Do keep in mind (based on your other post in another topic) just because it has a slider, doesn’t mean it is a dimmer, it just means that you can specify the closed amount of your shutter.

yes I am absolutely sure that it is a roller shutter 3, I also checked among the parameters of the advanced settings and in the section “specific device class” there is specific type class b motor control, also I have already tried to include it twice in the zwave network of homey.
I assumed that homey had mistaken it for a dimmer because above the slider it says light intensity.
do you think it might be useful to try to couple it to homey by selecting shutter 2 instead of 3?
how can i verify that the device id is correct?
thank you for the help

As stated above, you can include it as anything. E.g. for unsecure inclusion, there is workaround to add all devices trough walli switch. Device type will be correctly identified by Homey/Fibaro app.