Roller Shutter 2 calibration and Homey buttons

Sorry if this is a basic question. I’ve searched the forums and the questions are all a bit more advanced, so hoping this will be easy for someone to help with.

We have in the wall 2 x fibaro rollershutter 2 modules connected to 2 RTS roller blind motors. The blinds mechanical limits were set by the installers but callibration of the blinds using the Homey Z Wave control (sending 29,1,1) only rolls down then up for 1 sec in each direction. It does not do a full callibration.

Further to this, the buttons for up/down/pause within Homey for the 2 roller blinds don’t do anything at all.

I feel like I need to send it different parameters but I’m not sure what these should be.

Thanks for any help you can give.

What am I doing wrong? We can’t access the fibaro modules themselves without cutting open the wall. Is there a way to send electrical limits via parameters to the modules? Thanks in advance