Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 (FGR223) calibration issues

Hi All,

I have 11 modules in my house, controlling 11 roller blinds. Addig them to Homey was not the easiest thing, some of them went fast, but during including the others, some issues happened, neded to retry even multiple times with some of them. Anyway… added all of them finally.

Calibration neither went seamless. I guess was not successful on 9 units out of 11. I can set nicely open/close ratio or percentage on those two units, but only full open and close on the rest. (Both perfect ones are narrower roller blinds than others)

I have Somfy Ilmo WT motors at every windows, and double momentary switches, what by the way all work properly. (Manual up, down, stop, continue, etc)


  • When I start calibration process, and blind is down, it only goes up then stops. But when blinds are up when I start the process, then it goes down and up. However I read about it should go up, down and up again to finish the process well. Is it true? Do I miss something important?

  • I read about FW updates, version 5.12 solves similar issues. Do I have 5.0? Anyway, two units work properly, should I waste my time on this hassle? (excluding from Homey all of them, then adding to a HC, upgrade, then back all to Homey) Does it worth it?

Some details below:

If someone could help, I would really apprechiate it.

No one had FGR223 with similar issues?

Hi Fac3,

I have the same issue with the FGR223.
Adding to homey is no problem. Calibration is not working.
Did you figured out the solution after almost a year?
I can’t find the solution on the form or the internet.

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I ended up and sold all, then bought Qubinos instead. However I found something in the mean time:

You should try this parameter for calibration: 155,2,2

I found it here: