Blind state different to reality (fibaro fgr 223)

Hi all, I’m struggling with my fibaro roller shutter fgr 223 associated to my homey pro. Everything seems to works well, but as my house is new, some blinds are not well set and 2 of them are often stuck a 50% during either opening or closing (hardware issue, nothing related to homey). The thing is, when the blind is stuck a 50%, I would have expected that the state of the blind in homey app is the right one at the related %. But instead, it is always either fully open or fully closed on the app (but not in reality). Any ideas about how to fix this issue ? I would also be interested to receive an error alert from homey when a blind is stuck, feasible if the state of my blind is properly capture by my module and homey, but it seems it doesn’t work properly or I didn’t program them properly.
Many thanks

Fix Your blinds hardware - really :wink:

Actually, The Problem is, that there is no direct feedback/sense about the blind state from motor to FGR 223 (or another controller). The things controller may base are:

a. Assumed (remembered from previous movements) start position
b. Time/direction the motor was powered
c. Run into limiter switches
d. jam (?!)

The C and D are detectable by current consumption (decrease/increase) peaks.

In theory it must be sufficient, in practice and on side conditions - not so well. There is no 100% foolproof translations from “little increase in current” into “blind position changes little bit slower”. The situation is self-healing, when the blinds reach the limiter switch, then controller knows exact side position; but when no limiter hit, then it’s quite hard to determine position.

Hmm, but before fixing the hardware, may-be temporary cure is the over-current alarm? Not 100% sure, it’s implemented in Your FGR223, but may-be.

Yes sure I will fixed the hardware. This is planned within the next few days. But it could be interesting to have the right or even average position of my roller shutters. As example, if someone tries to open it manually to get into the house, I can create an alarm to do it. But I guess this is what you proposes.
I’m not sure that I can create an over current alarm, but I should be able to create a change current alarm if not coming from homey or physical switches. So the answer is, the fgr 223 doesn’t know the exact real position of the roller shutter nor the fully open or fully close state. It is just an assumption based on time and over current consumption. Too bad :(.
One other this which is a shame is that homey does not display on the state indicator of my roller shutters their position. It would have been great if on the homey app I could have the % position of every roller shutters displayed directly on the app (rather than going inside every roller shutter to check it).
Thanks a lot for the answers

Hmm, about “overcurrent” alarm - must just look into FGR-s manual. Not have the specific device, but remember from similar - there was some possibility to set in advanced parameters the limit for “normal current” and then also a group, informed, when the current hits the limit. But… not sure about Your specific device.
About exact/average position and manual open… in first post i described the overall principles, how the blind-controller system works. So, if there is a manual intervention, then… with standard system it’s undetectable. NB! Not claiming, such systems does not exists, but the FGR223 is not This System.
PS. About open/close states: They are the exact ones, because FGR can “see”, if the current drops cause the limiter switch hit.