No power feedback on Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 (FGR-223)

Hello here !

I need help with my FGR-223 devices.
I use them since 1-2 years with success. I’m very happy with them.
But since one month, 8 out of my 14 FGR-223 don’t provide any feedback anymore.
Nothing at all, no power feedback, no position feedback. Homey doesn’t see when they are driven from physical switches.
They are driven perfectly from Homey, with no response time. % positioning works great too.

I don’t understand why the feedback suddenly stopped working.
I run Homey Pro version 7.2.1 - Fibaro App version 3.1.9 - FGR-223 version 5.1 for all of them.
I tried Homey reboot - FGR reboot - Recalibration - I tested zwave response through zwave developer tool.
Nothing helped.

In zwave dev tool, I can see that there is close to no received frame for the devices that don’t work.
Here is an example for 2 shutters which are at immediate proximity one from the other.
One’s feedback works the other not.

Am I alone in this case ? Any idea to help me ?
Thank you for reading me !

After some of the last Fibaro app updates, several people had problems with their FGR-223 (please use the search function: e.g. 1, 2).
And this is the changelog of the last app versions:

With the app version v3.1.8 or v3.1.9 the problems seems to be fixed, but several people had to re-include the devices (also mentioned in the linked posts). So I guess this is the only way to fix it. Also I guess this is not a Z-Wave routing problem.

First of all thank you for taking time to answer and help :slight_smile:

I saw the Fibaro app forum posts, but people are mentioning that their FGRs don’t work anymore.
Its not exactly my case :thinking:
In my case Homey can reach the devices with no delay, so yes I think we can exclude Z-Wave routing problem.
Next step, re-inclusion of the devices !

Have a nice day.

You’re welcome!

So if you think this isn’t the problem, try to re-include only one device first. If this doesn’t solve the problem I would suggest to contact Athom support.