Fibaro. Roller Shutter Error

Hi. Am using the Homey Bridge since couple of months. Had some errors. Mostly after couple of days it resolved or a retart helped.

Now I have 2 Problem with my Fibaro RollerShutter.

  1. 2 modules suddendly showed error. Were not reachable. Manually they work not via the Homey. I deleted the devices and wanted to asd them again. Not working.

  1. 2 modules did not show error but are not controllable via homey.

Does anyone know what happened / how i can it back to working ?

Thanks & best, Rakesh

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Transmit Complete No ACK means, that the device lost the connection to the Gateway.
Because you’re using the Homey-Bridge, I don’t know if Homey Developer Tools is available. If so, please check in Homey Developer Tools in the Z-Wave menu, what’s listed in the column Route and Flags. I guess that Unknown and Unreachable is listed. So the only way to repair them is to reinclude the devices.

What the first error means I don’t know, sorry. But I guess it’s a Homey-Bridge issue. So I would recommend to contact Athom.

Thanks. I deleted the 2 items that had the error
above. unable to get them back in.

Eegarding the second error. Where exactly do i check ? And how do it get them to reconnect ?

Do you have an email iD of Anthom ?

Thanks, Rakesh

Please try:
– Restart the Fibaro app
– Disconnect the bridge from the power supply and reconnect it after 10-15 minutes

In my first post I linked already everything you need (blue colored text).

Exclude (delete) / include. There is no other way.

Thanks a ton. Will try out.
Last question : How do you restart the Fibaro app ?

Thanks !

As I wrote, I don’t own a Homey-Bridge, so I’m not 100 % sure if you can restart a app on Homey-Bridge.

On a Homey Pro it works like this:
Homey App (Smartphone) → More → Apps → long tap on the Fibaro app → :gear: → Restart App

thanks sir.

No it isn’t possible.
One can ‘restart’ the Homey Cloud instance though, than can solve things sometimes: and scroll down to find the orange Restart button.
An other way is to install the app again, without removing it prior to the install:
Reinstall the app on your Homey via the Homey App Store

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