Fibaro update Homey

Since the fibaro app has been updated januari 11th 2022 some of my Fibaro shutters 3 were not working properly. 2 shutter even can’t be opened anymore using the impulse switches (they cannot be resetted either!!!)

There’s a new update since today, try that one.


I saw indeed that there was an update this morning.

For 1 shutter I had to change the input wires back again to the state they were in 2 weeks ago.

2 shutters which did not react to the impuls switches anymore (and also not via Homey) are still “dead”.

Both shutters show blinking bleu led’s (+/- 3 seconds interval), where they can not be reset by the standard procedure (keep button b pressed for around 10 seconds).

I also disconnect the 3 cables to the motors, again without result.

Trying to connect them Homey is also not working (pressing 3* button b).


I guess you mean blue, right?
“Blue” isn’t mentioned in the manual at all, so what should it mean?

Btw, there are already some posts with similar problems after updating the Fibaro app to v3.1.5 and suggestions to solve these problems. So please have a look at this thread and use the search function first in the future…

If the modules were correctly wired before, then I can’t imagine it’s a wiring issue now. Of course, an app update can affect the function, but it has nothing to do with the wiring.