Devices suddenly stop working

Hi I found out that some devices are no longer responding. So far everything has been working fine and there have been no changes in the system. 3 out of 6 Fibaro Rollershutter have an problem. Strange is I can start the calibration via the app. But positioning the Roller shutter or open the Venetian blinds is no longer working. Same issue with some Hue devices, same situation here and error message like this.

Missing capabilities Listener: windowcoverings_set
Any idea?

Fibaro Roller Shutter? RS2 or RS3?

A few days ago a new Fibaro App version 3.1.5 was released. After that, several users had problems with their RS3.

The only way to solve the problem was to re-include the RS3. But today a new app version v3.1.8 was released. So please try first the new app version.

If the problem still exists, the modules will most likely need to be re-included.

Tip: With a good Z-Wave mesh there is no need to demount the modules (procedure see manual). When asked for the code while the including process, you can enter 00000, then the modules are included unsecure instead of with the security standard S2.

This is the changelog of the Fibaro app from v3.1.5 up to 3.1.8. Version 3.1.6 and 3.1.7 were never official released. So it could be, that they solved the “windowcoverings_set” problem: