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Domoticating my CasaFan ceiling fan

I managed to lay my hands on a very nicely price reduced Fallout-style ceiling fan by CasaFan.


I wasn’t sure beforehand if the power split for the lamp and the fan would be in the motor or in the ceiling cap, but I was lucky finding it very well accessible.

The brown wire is coming from the fan and the black wire from the lamp. I already put in a Philips Hue E27 lamp, which needs to be powered always to function. The fan I want to switch, so I’ll use a Fibaro Single Switch 2 to use Homey (and Google Home) to turn on and off the fan.

The only setback is that it won’t be possible to switch fan speeds with the Fibaro. Apparently there is an option to use two switches and a capacitor to make this work, but I think the space left in the ceiling cap of the fan is too small to fit all these. Picture found in a post by @danone

I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

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Indeed, preatty tight in there… My Fibaro relays and the capacitor are behind the wall switch.

Please read careful my post (same place you found the above schematic diagram) for this arrangement to work you must use the Fibaro dual relays and not the Fibaro switches.

I also presume that your fan is AC and not DC (looking at the big motor it must be an AC fan)
If AC then good if DC then no good, I found no way to control a DC fan speed with any z-wave, zigbee or other HA devices.

Good luck and let us know the result.

I chose the option not to use the wall switch but install the switch directly on top of the fan. If I would use the wall switch I would need to pull an extra wire and install a double button on the wall to switch the fan and lamp separately. I however don’t want to use a button at all. The lamp will be switched by the Philips Hue bridge (through Google Home or Homey) and the fan by Homey or Google Home.

This also explains my choice not to use the relay but the switch. The fan is indeed a AC fan.

Alright, I got it to work.


I simplified the wiring in this diagram:

There is actually a four-pole plug going in the fan to power both lamp and fan and there is a terminal block with 3-in / 3-out between the central box and the four-pole plug. This is the real wiring:

Note that I did not use the light switch on the wall, so there is no connection between the S1 and second L.

To connect the Fibaro Single Switch 2 I choose to ‘Add Device’ and could pick the Single Switch as an option (after installing the Fibaro app for Homey). There is even an option to choose a device and a fan is an option. You can see a small symbol of a fan with the switch. After picking the switch, Homey starts looking for the device. The Fibaro manual says to three times switch the light switch, but since I have none connected, I could also press the small button on the Fibaro switch three times. It is instantly recognized.


I’ve uploaded a short video with both the light and fan working by voice command (in Dutch):.