Pilote Homey with a 433MHz remote

I’m trying to control my Homey (to start a flow or something else) using a 433MHz remote control (without brand). Could you tell me if it is possible to receive a message on my Homey about this or if I can simply copy the message from my remote control and reproduce it?

Thank you and sorry for my bad English :slight_smile:

You need an app for the device. What brand and type remote is it?

No, that is not possible with Homey.

Thank for your quickly response.
Yes, i know a i need an app. But, I thought a generic apps existing to receive the command of my remote.
I don’t have a brand, it’s a remote me include with the automatism af my gate « snc sentinel »

You can give the Brel app a go, to see if it ‘accepts’ the signals from your remote:

Or write an app for it yourself (which is not for everyone):

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I have try with the app you recommanded but isn’t fonctionnal.
I think I don’t have the skill to develop an app … i have order a Sonoff remote for try.
Thanks for your answer