Homey pro does not support 433mhz?


I bought the new homey pro hub but when I tried to connect a 433MHz remote I didn’t find the 433MHz button like others, z wave, zig r and so on.

I found out that is not supported in US but support in other countries. However, I live in Saudi Arabia. How to activate it?
Help please

I think you first need to install an app for 433MHZ. It is not ‘standard’ usable like the four protocols under “Homey”.
What brand + model remote do you have, for which device?

In the meantime you could try the Brel app, and then try to pick up a signal from your remote while adding this device:

Screenshot from 2023-10-16 23-28-32

I tried your suggesting for my CAME garage remote control but didn’t work.

Thank you for your reply

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