Nice remote controller 443MHz

Is it possible to connect a Nice 443MHz controller for garage gate with Homey Pro?

Hey Rafal,

If you meant 433MHz:
Please, try at least to use the search function first, or else tell us why it didn’t give you any result.

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Nope, sorry, NICE is using they proprietary communiaction protocol with key rotation, i was unable to break thru it, and NICE do not want to give me any information… Only way to control NICE engines is thru IBT4ZWAVE module, not sure if it works with garage doors :frowning: sorry

Good old rolling codes .

Being a garage door there will always be some sort sort of security and anti-code copying …

If it were me I’d just go buy a cheap $10 Wifi dual relay module from Sonoff , flash it with Tasmota and then physically wire it to the actual push buttons on the controller inside the garage…

Don’t even bother trying to tackle the RF…

Well, that is point of secure device… Gate motors have IBT4ZWave S2 device, there it is easy. Depends on how the push button works, there are some options, like fibaro relay, sonoff with tastmota, shelly relay, shelly uni :slight_smile:

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Is there already a solution for this?

Or has anyone cracked the rolling code yet?