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Garage door open / close with liftmaster remote D-66793 443,92 Mhz


Is there someone who knows how to connect a liftmaster remote to open a garage door.

thank you in advance,

Ronald, did you solve it?

No still no solution. I’m now Looking for a fibaro module.

I was successful with the Fibaro Relay Switch, connected to the door button wires from the Liftmaster. Works fine.

The challenge is to know if the door is open or closed. I added a PHILIO 4-IN-1 MULTISENSOR with door magnet, but it does not always work.

The fibaro relay connection is one alternative. But when the liftmaster engine already communicate with the remote on 433mhz band it would be nice to connect it to homey directly.
Connect to a z-wave relay feels expensive and unnecessary when you got 3 liftmaster engines like i do

If you want cheaper and more channel devices, you can look at the Shelly and the Sonof 4 channel devices.

Maybe, but my remote is this one TX4EVF
and it’s on 868 MHZ.
Homey will need to integrate with specific Liftmaster bi-directional radio, rolling code on both 433 and 868 MHZ.
Can this be done?

By the way, there are standalone solutions in the market to remotely operate garage doors, independent of brand

These solutions often come with Google assistant, IFTTT integration.

IFTTT is not my favourite, but could be used to integrate with Homey, if really more functionality is needed.

Cost is about $70-100.