How to control my garage door (not Homey related, per-say)


My question is not really Homey related, but more equipment/devices related.

I have a garage door, where a 433mhz controlled garage door opener is attached. I can’t figure out how to capture the keyfob signal with Homey, and it is not really important either.

The garage door opener also works with a simple push button, or actually several in parallel.

What (zwave) equipment do I need to purchase that will give me a short ‘push’ / connection between the contacts of the door opener. So the garage door either opens when closed or closes when open?

And then, how set this in the Homey flow, that it only makes contact for 1 second?

I have figured out, that a tilt device can probably tell me if the door is open or closed, but that is a whole other topic.

Maybe this link will help you:

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Thanks, that makes perfect sense.

Just google „zwave garage door Fibaro“ and there will be some examples. Important is only that you must have a potential free switch by Fibaro.


You can check this forum post which described in details how to setup door controls with Z-wave.
Also, check buying guide for picking garage door opener if you doubt what opener to pick or need an upgrade!