Garage Door Remote

Can I use Homey to control my garage door? Picture of the remote attached. I’m guessing it must be possible but not sure which app to use or look for.
Many thanks

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Not possible without a specific app, and there doesn’t appear to be one.

In most cases the only way to operate a garage opener is if there’s a connection for a push-button on the motor which can then be operated by a remote controlled relay, such as Shelly 1 or equivalent. Check the manual for the opener.

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Yup. I use a Fibaro Smart Implant to send an impulse on relevant pins on the pinout of my garage door opener. The physical box with the motor. I also use an Aqara tilt sensor to ensure of the door is open or closed. It’s quite a setup of flows, so it’s a bit advanced to end up with an icon that shows you an opened or closed garage door that you can click to open and close.

Please be careful with your desires to let such a device participate in your home automation. I have a Hörmann garage door where I have spend some time learning about it.

Short conclusion: Hörmann remotes transmit an encrypted RF signal that is unique to the transmitter and learned by the receiver in the garage door motor. Using the remote is a 2-way conversation with identification before the actual OPEN command is transmitted and accepted This way it cannot be sniffed and opened easily and using a replacement remote won’t work either until you actually have the receiver learn the transmitter code of the remote.

Hence, they spent quite a bit of time and research on making that remote a secure key and hard to hack. In my opinion, it would be unwise to replace that level of security with something that could be sniffed and more easily compromised. But I’ll leave that up to you.

However: IF it is a more modern garage door opener, it will have a Wifi option so you can use it with an app on your phone. I know Hörmann has such a bridge. It will set you back roughly 300 euros. Once you have that, it will become operable from your wifi and probably fairly easy to link to Homey with MQTT or some webhook.

I (also) use a Fibaro Smart Implant to control two Hörmann port openers.
This has worked very well for me for quite some time, but YMMV.
Just moved the same setup to my new Homey Pro.

The smart implants OUT 1 and OUT 2 are connected to the impulse switch connector on each motor.
Created a virtual device (button) in Homey for each garage port, which triggers a flow that toggles the respective OUTPUT 1 or 2 on the implant.

Setup the smart implant as a monostable switch, with each output auto off seat to 0.3s:



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