Garage door opener

Hi all,

I will move to a new apartment house where this garage door opener is used:

As there are other owners in the house, I cannot make any changes to the garage door system.

However as my apartment is quite close to the garage door, I was wondering if Homey could send out the signal too. I would need to teach Homey somehow, but then I could just create a flow, which triggers the sending of the command.

So far in theory :blush: Does anyone have a similar approach and could share if it worked or maybe there is an even better idea??



Little chance. 433 garage door systems often have a rolling code (more secure).
Letting Homey learn the code I don’t know, the learn feature is more aimed for use with creating apps afaik.

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I’m absolutely no specialist on this topic (yet) :joy:

But if the sender uses those dip switches for assigning the code, doesn’t it mean that the code is fixed and not rolling?! It doesn’t look like the most state of the art system. :blush:

Or is my understanding wrong.

That could be possible yes! I didn’t check it out.
Not a very safe method though :hugs:

You’ll never know, here you can check if the signal can be learned and if Homey can emulate it.
Homey Developer Tools

Great - will try once I have it and report back :blush:

Emulate will send a recorded signal again to Homey’s Coprocessor to test during App development.
If it would have be labeled “Transmit” if it would have transmitted /replayed the signal.

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Understand, too bad. Then I might need to solder a Shelly to the button of the sender :blush:

Most of the garage door openers have an option to add a push button. (for internal opening and closing)
That is the way i open my door with a shelly.

:blush: @Rens

Just don’t tell anyone :slight_smile:

Haha :joy: