Garage Door Opener for Homey

Anyone any thoughts on good garage door opener, just a basic contact closure one with mag sensor for door opened/closed that is supported by Homey Pro or an App on Homey Pro?

I was using the MSG100 from Meross by App doesnt support it and they’ve stopped IFTTT support so need to find a good alternative? I’ve heard good things about Tuya one but cannot seem to find it in UK.


The test version of the Meross app supports the MSG100 fine :slight_smile:

Hi. I have also the MSG100 garage door opener from Meross, and I am unable to connect it to Homey. Any guidance/suggestion/hint on how to do it would be appreciated.
I contacted Meross team and they informed me that they currently do not have any plans for Homey integration, but the feedback provided will be taken into consideration…

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Please have a look at this post (Meross App Support - #117 by Zmove), the Meross does work very well with Homey but there is currently an issue that is being addressed by the developer which may take a couple of weeks. Once fixed the MSG100 will work fine.

Have a look at the other post as it explains everything.

Thank you Darrell for the additional information. I am now following the other topic. Indeed it would be great to have Meross devices working again in Homey.

You may want to investigate use of Tailwind. Recently integrated with Home Assistant and have been told working to get integrated with Homey.