Meross msg 200 garagedoor problems

Just installed meross msg 200 for my garagedoor opener. Works good with meross app on my android phone.
Easy to include in homey.
When I use it in homey app, it will not open the door, the warning buzzer starts and you can here the meross unit clicks two times but door is not opening…
But if the door is already open, you can close it with the homey app.
So when i disconnected the magnetic door sensor you can open and close trough homey app.
At this point I only have one door connected, tested with all three ports on unit.
Anyone with the same issues?
Anyone who can help me in the right direction to get this to work?

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Same problem here!

Same problem here. It appears in Homey, but does not show status or respond to commands.
The MSG200 works fine within the Meross app.
Anyone found a way to fix this?


Having an issue with this app? Contact the developer by sending an e-mail.

There is also already a topic:

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Unfortunately I just got cought by this not working issue with Meross MSG200.

I only checked the app description, where it is stated that MSG200 is supported. so I upgraded from MSG100 to MSG200. The MSG100 is not listed as supported device, so I thought to upgrade to an supported device. Which is cool.

It is true that it is supported, you can add the device, but that’s it. No interactions are possible. You cannot open or close the garage door thru Homey. Even though there are implemented flow elements to exactly do this. But nothing happens.

Really disappointing…

So the open/close funtions of the Homey App works, maybe the function of the ‘magnetic door sensor’ has to be inverted, meaning it should be activated when it is now de-activated?